Custom Sneakers DIY Human2 for American Flag 059


$104.99  $69.99-33%

by Kaden Goss
The shoes are fantastic. The artwork is gorgeous. This is a quality product.
by Gina Mitchell
by Dalton Nelson
They are comfortable and I love the style.
by Richard Nelson
The shoes fit true to size, color is awesome and they are just good quality
by Peter Jensen
awesome....I luv them great! thank you .....plan on buying more
by Cameron Hayes
They are of good Quality. I would like to have access to size of shoes around the world. That would help people a lot...
by Michael Klimkiewicz
Love them. I received a lot of compliments
by Gary Toves
I love these shoes! I was afraid if the pattern go fading after use for sometime, but it has been for about 4 moths and still the same. The only thing I would suggest is to add extra padding on the bottom for more comfortablilty! but overall I love it!...
by Moises Delossantos
Love these shoes! Very comfortable and definitely colorful. Love getting nice comments about my shoes!...
by Bryan Gifford
I love these super cute shoes. I put orthotics inside them for extra support, so they are really comfortable. I get lots of comments/compliments whenever I wear them...
by Caitlin Winschel
Love this shoes.. So happy to have them...
by Julie Long
Love my sneakers. Worth the wait. Very comfortable.
by Dalton Nelson
Spot on they are so comfy
by Jerry Williams
very impresed with the product reminded me of hippy days in the 60's - never too old to wear what you like! Wish they were on sale but will be looking at buying boots for the winter....
by Garrett Spencer
my shoes are so comfortable. I wear them all the time.
by Mitchell Fradkin
I thought the print on the shoe was going to be more vivid in colour, but I still love them.
by Sarah Graham
I bought these for my 14yo daughter and she loves them. they turned up much quicker than we expected especially since we are in Australia. will be ordering bed spreads next, very happy :)...
by Scott Mabry
by Rob Perrone
I've worn these to work (school teacher) on spirit days, and they've been quite comfortable. Thus far they also seem to be good quality. I've worn these biking and walking, and the treads are still holding strong. I hope to get many years of wear from these....
by Caine Stenger